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Here’s my 101 show 6 degrees!

I was really REALLY nervous showing this on Saturday, but so happy to hear people liked it and so shocked for it to make prime time. I really wasn’t expecting that!  I’ve been telling myself to make a 101 show for years now and so happy I finally did it!  Anyways, I just want to thank everyone for all the kind words and for voting this back, when it was such an all around great screening full of really great shows. You are all the best. 

Freddy Gillot

Jennifer Ruiz(2º 3º 5º 6º), Shane Houghton(4º), Eric Clark(1º)

Kelly Walker, Aaron Moles, Lamp Post, Denis O’Mahoney, Ron Lynch, Kris Benton, Stevin Espinoza, Zorra the dog

Nico Colaleo, Shane Houghton, Curt Neill, Andrew Meridith, David Futernick, Zuri Bella, Willy Roberts

Lamp Post Fx
Dylan Chudzynski

Special Thanks!!!!!!! 
Shane Houghton, Cory Garcia, Paul Isakson, Cooper Johnson, Wendy McColm, Drew Hancock, Roxanne Benjamin

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Moonrise Kingdom by alicexz

(via Mimi Yoon)

(via Mimi Yoon)


“Awaken Consciousness”

acrylic 8.5 x 12 in.

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